Cooper with Shirley Temple

The day and age where custom made suits were the norm. Throughout the 30′s and into the late 50′s, Gary Cooper was a man of style and a real class act. Before Cary Grant came into the picture, Cooper was a Hollywood icon.

Gary Cooper had a very amused eye for fabric, fit and make. He was a regular customer of Anderson & Sheppard on London’s Savile Row. In the 1950s and 1960s, Hollywood became enamored with Italy. Roman tailors Brioni, Carlo Palazi and Bruno de Angelis flourished- dressing Gary Cooper and his peers- Henry Fonda, Clark Gable and Tyrone Power.

 He received five Academy Award nominations for Best Actor and won twice during his career. Cooper was renowned for his quiet, understated acting style and his stoic emotionally restrained, but also intense on screen persona, which fit the roles he played in Western movies. His unique sense of style inspired many during that era and even to this day.

My uncle wearing a scarf around his neck with no tie.

Picture Below: Gary Cooper also wearing a scarf around his neck.

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